Rehabilitation through Personal Mentoring and Employment

Rehabilitation through Personal Mentoring and Employment

Derech Hamelech- The King’s Way, From Dependence to Independence, Business Initiatives, Independence in the Community

Derech Hamelech- a vocational training program for alienated and delinquent youth, integrated with personal mentoring

The Derech Hamelech program, operating since 2005, helps youth and young adults aged 15-25, who have disconnected from formal frameworks and find themselves in situations of serious risk, such as criminality and violation of the law. The program offers an enveloping response, including a personal mentoring track with an adult volunteer, integration into an employment framework and professional trainings, preparation for the world of employment including the provision of tools and life skills, and an alternative educational program and professional training.

The program provides a complimentary response for professional and therapeutic services currently provided by state institutions. Youth are referred to the program by Juvenile Probation Services, youth services, young adults of the Ministry of Social Affairs, schools, youth advancement and other ELEM programs or therapeutic services in the community. The program aims to enable youth to get out of the cycle of distress, violence, and crime, and to provide them with a collection of skills and qualifications, to help remove social barriers and integrate into optimal significant employment service and education.

685 youth and young adults received assistance in 2015

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