Elem Headquarters

Main Office: 35 Hayarkon St, Bnei Brak P.O.B. 53373 Israel

Tel: +972-3-7686666 Fax: +972-3-6470319


Inbal Dor Karbel – Executive Director, Ext. 651

Shlomo Yanai- Chairman

Nava Barak- President



Tami Brody, P.A. to the Executive Director, Ext. 654

Batel Tzemach – Administrative Assistant, Ext. 650

Esther Bienenstock – Administrative Assistant, Ext. 682


Human Resources and Volunteerism

Leah Adler- Director of Human Resources and Adult Volunteerism, Ext. 676



Kobi Tsoref- Finance  and Operations Manager Ext. 664

Chagit Chaik- Accountancy, Ext. 662

Sigalit Lichi Holtzberg- Accountancy, Ext. 663

Marina Galiznov- Accountancy, Ext. 674


 Legal Department

Rotem Ben David- Legal Counsel, Ext. 655


Resource Development

Adi Shamgar- Director of Resource Development, Ext.689

Liron Ben Yosef- Director of Marcom and Public Relations, Ext. 659

Naama Elbaz- Coordinator of Foundation/Federation Relations, Ext. 680

Yasmin Deshe- Coordinator of Foundation/Federation Relations, Ext. 658

Mika Shoham- Coordinator of Foundation Relations, Ext. 680

Tali Erez- Director of Special Projects, Ext. 657

Reut Danon – Director of Business Sector Relations, Ext. 661

Sari Haekshur-P.A. to the President and Coordinator of Public Sector Donations, Ext.675


Youth Work- Departments and Programs:

  1. Counseling, Support and Information Centers

Amir Daluumi- Director of Department

Rachel Tzruya- Department Coordinator

Adi Reif Department Coordinator


  1. Multicultural Field

Dr. Simcha Getahune- Director of Department and of Partnerships, Ext. 673

Ronit Ashato- Professional Coordinator, Ext. 669

Daniel Kessler-Professional Coordinator, Ext. 681


  1. Streetwork Field

Roy Ben Menachem- Director of Department, Ext. 678

Roi Chomri- Professional Coordinator, Ext. 692

Dana Blum- Professional Coordinator, Ext. 692

Aya Tanzer- Professional Coordinator, Ext. 692


  1. Youth at Fatal Risk Field and Girls Field

Reut Guy-Professional Coordinator, Ext. 692

Tehila Roisman-Shiff-(she changed her name)-Professional Coordinator, Ext.692

Rely Katzav- Director of Department, Ext. 271


  1. Rehabilitation through personal Mentoring & Employment 

Tami Nachmias- head Coordinator of “From Protection to Independence”, Ext. 672


     6. Treating Sexual Violence

Dr. Talia Etgar-Director

     7.  Ultra-Orthodox Sector

Tami Brody, Coordinator of programs in the Ultra-Orthodox Sector,  P.A. to the Executive Director, Ext. 654

Avner Ben Shushan

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