Multicultural Field

Migdalor- Lighthouse Youth Centers, Holistic Youth Centers, Angel Program

Israeli society is characterized by a vast cultural diversity and a massive absorption of immigrants. Youth from these diverse cultures encounter difficulties beyond normative difficulties of native Israeli youth and often find themselves without an appropriate response for their distress. In light of a need for culturally sensitive interventions, ELEM developed the multicultural field of intervention. This field provides an answer to youth coming from multi-cultural backgrounds and their families, with the goal of affecting the youth and the entire community, thus promoting holistic change and empowering the local and community responsibility and commitment.

This field provides a professional, trained and guided response on the topic of multicultural work in ELEM’s various fields and outside of the organization.

Migdalor Youth Centers

8 Migdalor youth centers located in neighborhoods that are characterized by a significant immigrant population. The centers serve as a social and recreational framework for youth during the afternoon and evening hours. In addition, the Migdalor centers offer a variety of individual and group interventions based on youth recreational areas as a means of contact and therapeutic intervention. Areas of interest that stood out during 2015 included: music rooms, photography, art workshops, chess, therapeutic gardening, sports, athletics and horse riding workshops. The goal of these activities is to provide the youth a non-verbal “language” as a means of emotional expression and channeling negative or destructive forces into creative and constructive energy.

Holistic Youth Centers

6 centers, usually located within the neighborhood in existing urban spaces, such as community and culture centers, providing therapeutic solutions for youth and special workshops.

The Angel Program- Working with the community and families of youth

The 4 Angel programs are aimed at bridging the generational gaps between youth and their families, which are largely strengthened as a result of the migration process, and empowering the local community to promote the needs of the youth. The program focuses on the recruitment of adult volunteers in the community and to train them to volunteer with youth both in open and closed spaces, in the neighborhood, in the Migdalor centers and in other programs.

4,100 youth and young adults received assistance in 2015

Of which about 500 youth from the center were referred for further care to municipal and national youth services. About 395 families of youth received a variety of responses including counseling, group work, and intermediation with services, guidance and advocacy.

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