Treating Sexual Violence

Treating Young Sexual Offenders and Victims of Sexual Abuse

 The sexual violence field includes a center for the treatment of minors with sexually abusive behaviors and provides therapy for victims of sexual assault. The centers treat minors age 5-18 who have sexually harmed or were sexually injured, and provide treatment for their family members.

The treatment of sexual offenders at a young age is critical- the earlier treatment begins, the greater the chance of success. The center operates based on the belief that it is possible to stop acts of sexual violence, and that we must, as a society, do the upmost to stop this violence and prevent thousands of future victims.

Work in this field is based on the development of a treatment program tailored to the needs of each patient. Treatment is carried out individually, in groups, and in family and combined model therapy. The short term or long term therapy utilizes  diverse methods according to the needs of the patient, such as: art therapy, animal assisted therapy, play therapy and more.

562 minors who have abused or been abused sexually received assistance over the course of 2015

Including 191 sexual offenders, 29 parents of offenders, 100 victims of sexual abuse and 142 minors who turned to our hotline for advice and assistance.

23 treatment groups of the Juvenile Probation Services and the Youth Protection Authority were conducted, including three in locked dormitories, the rest in the community, where 140 male youth were treated.

ELEM- Youth in Distress

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