Programs for Youth at Fatal Risk

Youth at Fatal Risk and Programs for Girls and Young Women At Risk

Halev 24/7, Ereem Balayla- Awake at Night, Alma, Mishehu Larutz I’to- Someone to Run With, Galgal- Friendship House, Bayit Amiti- A Real Home

The programs in the Youth at Fatal Risk and Programs for Girls Young Women At Risk Field provide a response to youth and young adults who fall on the edge of the risk continuum. This population is often detached from familial, social, and therapeutic support systems. Most are forced to survive in a world without resources, due to their mental and physical state, their life history and their exposure to hardship at such a young age. This critical population is typically excluded from professional and public discourse and can be unknown to members of their own communities.

At its foundation, the objective is to establish a connection with these young men and women in order to crack, even slightly, the cycle of alienation and isolation in which they live. First and foremost, we strive to provide them visibility and recognition. As a derivative of this concept, we developed within the field adapted work to the unique needs of this population. This work is based on several principles:

  • Outreach work for the youth at the edge of the continuum with interventions adapted to the nature of the population, in public spaces: the street, in clubs, while squatting in abandoned homes, and on the internet in open and closed arenas.
  • Reducing physical damage (disease prevention, prevention of death) and emotional injury (reducing feelings of alienation, loneliness, etc.) caused by lifestyle.
  • Intervention in view of the “cycle of change” adapted to work with drug and alcohol addicts, with homeless youth and young adults, and minors in prostitution and in life situations requiring motivation for change.
  • Gender and culture sensitivity.

Programs for youth and young adults involved in prostitution

Halev 24/7, Awake at Night, Alma

Youth who are sexually commercially exploited on the continuum of prostitution come from all sectors of the population- some live at home and are in educational frameworks, while others have fled an abusive environment and live in isolation from their families and society. Either way, prostitution is, for them, a survival strategy.

In recent years, we have encountered the phenomenon of prostitution in a variety of arenas ranging from the street scene, discreet apartments, clubs, bars, saunas and more. Another significant arena is the internet, where we have witnessed a significant increase of the phenomenon, whether openly on sex websites or implicitly through social networks, forums and chat rooms on seemingly innocent dating websites. In addition, we have witnessed the phenomenon of prostitution taking place through private hire, typically mediated by a middle-man, soliciting and peddling young women and young men into prostitution.

The aim of the program is the reduction of emotional and physical injury, to advocate and attain rights, build trust in a significant adult figure, and provide an alternative to the world of prostitution in order to allow for a gradual exit from this world. The program was established in 2001 in Tel Aviv, in 2008 was expanded to Haifa, and in 2012 was established in Eilat. In 2013, the Alma program was established for girls and young women only. In 2015, the Awake at Night program was expanded in Tel Aviv to the Holistic Halev program working 24/7. All programs operate in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services- the Service for Adolescents and Young Adults, local authorities, and the National Insurances’ Fund for Children and Teenagers at Risk. Haifa’s Awake at Night program and Alma are partnered with the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption as well.

390 youth and young adults involved in prostitution received assistance in 2015

Of them, 234 from Halev 24/7

74 from Awake at Night Haifa

42 from Awake at Night Eilat

40 from the Alma program for girls.

Programs for Homeless Young Adults

Someone to Run With in Tel Aviv, and Galgal- Friendship House in Jerusalem

The Someone to Run With program in Tel Aviv and the Galgal- Friendship House in Jerusalem, operating since 2002 and 2003 respectively, provide a response for homeless young adults aged 18-26, who are in situations of risk and distress. These young adults often use drugs and/or alcohol, are detached from therapeutic, familial, and social support frameworks, and live without a stable and secure home. Many of them use physical and emotional survival strategies including involvement in criminal activity, prostitution, and addiction.

The work in the street and at the centers include outreach activities and making contact with homeless young adults, providing humanitarian assistance and basic needs including food, clothing, a hot shower, medical equipment and more. In addition, the centers work to reduce harm that life on the street invites for young adults offering, amongst other things- psychological support, medical care and help in employing their rights. In cases where there is a motivation for change, they are provided the opportunity to take part in a long-term rehabilitation therapy process.

Transition Apartments in Tel Aviv

In partnership with the Addiction Treatment Services of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the two transition apartments in Tel Aviv are designated for homeless young adults who have completed the physical detox stage of drug use recovery and are interested in undergoing a lifestyle change in order to integrate into society. Their stay in the apartment lasts one year, assuming the young adult will complete the process. A personal program is built for every young adult including daily visits to the addiction treatment center, constant contact with a social worker, group therapy, a personal plan for developing life skills and personal contact with a volunteer mentor.

The goal of the transition apartments:

  • To serve as a supporting framework in the personal process of change of the young adult living in the apartment.
  • Providing tools and skills for the benefit of integration into society.
  • Creating a social support network for the young adult during their stay in the apartment and thereafter.

Shelter for Homeless Young Women in Jerusalem

The overnight center for homeless young women, operated with the Department for the Advancement of Youth and Young Adults in Jerusalem, provides a secure overnight stay. The shelter is open every day, 365 days a year, from the hours of 10:00 PM until 10:00 AM. The young women can come spend a night in the shelter with no regard to their motivation to change. In addition, the shelter provides humanitarian needs such as a shower, food, and clothing in addition to guidance and mediation in frameworks, assistance in employing their rights, and providing a listening ear.

454 homeless young adults received assistance in 2015

Of which 210 from Someone to Run With and transition apartments

166 from Galgal- Friendship House

78 from the Shelter





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