Social Responsibility and Involvement

Adult and Youth volunteers

ELEM maintains that the treatment of youth in distress and at risk is the responsibility of Israeli society as a whole. Therefore, along with close cooperation with the social welfare and educational systems and the municipal authorities, ELEM works hard to engage the community as a true partner in its social action activities.

The Volunteering Field is engaged in the development and the recruitment of resources and human capital within local communities for youth at risk. The goal is to recruit volunteers from the community for ELEM’s work, and to develop innovative responses and services for them in the community.

ELEM was established 30 years ago as a volunteer organization. In addition to employing paid professionals, ELEM now has 1600 active volunteers, of whom 300 are youth volunteering to help other youth.

Activity of ELEM Volunteers:

• Volunteers at the ELEM Headquarters
In 2008, the Volunteerism subcommittee of the Professional Committee was re-established under the professional leadership of Dr. Aaron York. This subcommittee has a great influence on the policy making, concept development and the expansion of the volunteer field at ELEM.

• Field Volunteers
Some of these volunteers are active in ELEM programs and undertake various tasks and responsibilities which include both direct work with the youth such as counseling, mentoring, facilitating groups and running workshops and others train professional staff, guide teams of volunteers or help with the “behind the scenes” work of the programs—logistics, etc. There are also volunteers who help secure resources and raise public awareness in Israel and abroad. Businesses provide “human capital” providing workers as volunteers and there are also youth who volunteer.

• Volunteers for Special Events and Campaigns
The volunteer coordinators recruit these volunteers and are responsible to provide them with training and supervision

• Volunteer Coordinators
At ELEM there are a number of Volunteer Coordinators who manage the volunteer system and provide the volunteers with an umbrella of professional services including training, seminars, supervision and rewards.

Social Responsibility

We at ELEM, believe that it is the entire society’s responsibility to take care and treat youth at risk and in distress. Therefore, we have taken upon ourselves to lead these social changes, through an active presence and involvement in as many decision making professional forums as possible – in the Academy, Municipal, Public and Governmental levels. In addition, Elem’s Professional staffs is often interviewed by the media, as well as publish different articles in leading Israeli newspapers, to be read by the general public and raise awareness to the various issues surrounding Youth in Distress in Israel.


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