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Many youth in need of advice, guidance, information and even treatment, prefer to avoid personal exposure and turn to the Internet to receive support and assistance anonymously. Y- ELEM’s therapeutic workers are there, online for them.


Y- ELEM, operating since 2004, provides information, advice and emotional support to adolescents in several ways:

  • Virtual counseling rooms- populated by support- volunteer professionals who completed essential training, and offer anonymous advice “one on one”
  • Forum- simulates group work run by qualified professionals, allowing the youth to consult and share experiences and hardships facing them.
  • E-mail support- e-mail allows youth to ask professionals questions 24 hours a day.
  • Facebook and Instagram page as an intervention space- Our page, consisting of 3,500 members, has installed an online chat support system. Our Facebook page is an outreach arm for advertising and marketing through campaigns, appealing themes, and more.


8,000 youth received assistance through Y- ELEM in 2015

About 3,625 various therapeutic interventions were held with 1,850 youth and young adults through four interfaces.


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